Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Recap

My back is still in some really bad pain so I didn't do much this weekend. Saturday, just hung out, went to brunch with Tim and then to Target to walk around and get some essentials (toothpaste, TP, etc.). Went home and worked on embroidering some holiday gifts. I reread the instruction book that came with my sewing machine and that was about it.
Sunday, was supposed to call this guy my landlord recommended to come and take our fridge away and get us a new one and they weren't open so no dice. I was looking forward to having a fridge that worked so I could go to the store and get some supplies and maybe bake something. I am going nuts. I haven't been able to bake in two weeks now! We stayed home and cleaned a little and watched about 5 hours of Little People Big World on TLC while I worked on holiday gifts a little more and then went to dinner. I am so tired of eating out. I have no more money to do so either. I need a fridge. I was actually thinking about bringing up the cooler from the basement and living out of that in the interim, but that is one more thing for me to trip over and have to bend down to get to. I sound like an old woman, I know. Gosh, I am all out of sorts. I set up my sewing machine and was going to thread the bobbin and get it all set up last night, but I read my book and went to bed instead.
Tonight we are going to go and see 1408 - we have free movie passes so that should be nice. Nothing like getting all freaked out in the theatre at a Steven King movie. I hope my self diagnosed "scary movie narcolepsy" doesn't kick in and I get so scared I fall asleep. That would be hilarious! I think I will be busy checking out John Cusack though, that alone will keep me awake.
Check out these cool Native American beaded scissor and needle cases I found online over the weekend. Makes me wish I would have kept up with my beadwork.

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Anonymous said...

These would make an adorable gift for someone who is very crafty in the needle department and really likes amphibians.
- MB


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