Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Something has got to be off kilter with the planet, or it may be just me. My refrigerator has been broken for 1 1/2 weeks now, BayLee has been sick and I did something to my back.

We took BayLee to the specialist yesterday and this is what happened...
He didn’t need the rhinoscopy! Saved me some $$$ for sure. The Dr. was awesome and knew exactly what it was. He has chronic rhinitis, basically a stuffed kitty nose and sinus congestion. It stems from a herpes virus that he carries. I told the Dr. about his eyes having herpes and he knew right then and there what it was. He recommended some baby nose decongestant from Walgreens and took a culture just to be safe and also put him on a major antibiotic and also told me to put l-lysine in his food. It was well worth the trip to Walnut Creek; we were very relieved and are just trying to nurse him back to health. He still sounds awful, but should be coming around soon (I hope).

The rest of the day yesterday was pretty boring for a birthday. After we got home from the vet I took a nap since my back was killing me and Tim woke me up at about 6:30, he was worried I wouldn't sleep at night if I kept sleeping. I ordered Thai food for us for dinner and we ate it watching a True Hollywood Story on Serial Killers. They profiled the Oakland County child killer which creeped me out since I grew up there and remember all of the hub bub when I was a kid. Very scary stuff. They also did a long piece on the BTK killer - it was really freaky to hear him in the court room telling what he did to people with no emotion at all. It was really interesting and scary at the same time.

Anyway, that was my day yesterday. I thought today may be better, but my back is worse and I am having trouble getting things done because of it. OK, enough crabbing for me. I will suck it up!

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