Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Morning...

  1. Got up early
  2. Took a shower
  3. Went to the laundromat at 7 AM - loaded all of my clothes in one of those jumbo washers
  4. Went to the gas station and filled up the Jeep with gas for Tim while I am away
  5. Went to Safeway (instead of Target and Kiehls) and got what I needed
  6. Went back to laundromat and loaded clothes into dryer
  7. Took non-dryer clothes home and hung them on the line outside
  8. Kissed and pet BayLee
  9. Went to the bank to deposit a check
  10. Back to the laundromat and there was two minutes left on the dryer
  11. Took and couple deep breaths and closed my eyes
  12. Removed clothes from the dryer
  13. Folded aforementioned clothes in record time and put them in the basket
  14. Loaded basket into my backseat
  15. Drove to work
  16. Checked in online for my flights to London

1 more day until Malta!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Cow!

I am leaving Thursday morning, I have yet to do the following:

  • Laundry
  • Pack
  • Decide what books to take
  • Wax
  • Pedicure (optional, if I have time to do them and still go to bed at a decent time without ruining them. Mom said to bring my polish with me and do them there, I may do that.)
  • Go to Target - need a couple things
  • Go to Kiehls for leave on conditioner, no water pressure in the apartment in Malta so shampoo only over there
  • Go to Whole Foods and get snacks for the plane
  • Check in for my flight online - may just wait and do it at the airport, no biggie
  • Double check address book I am taking
  • Charge my camera
  • Kiss Tim and BayLee as much as I can before I leave
  • Oh, and I have to work tomorrow from 8-5
  • Better go to bed now, looks like I have a huge day tomorrow - I am going to need a double shot in my soy latte!

Seriously, how great is this photo - I super love it.

Date Night

Tim and I had an unplanned little date night last night! I love date night on Monday night, so spur of the moment, unplanned and spontaneous.

It all started when I got home, I was so hungry. I had a HUGE latte and one little snack bag of sweet potato baked chip things and that was it, so my stomach wanted something more substantial before turning in for the night.

We decided to go to Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, right around the corner from my house. We have gone here quite a bit since it opened years ago, but it had been a while.

I love the vibe in this place, indie/punk music, handwritten menus, wine and beer on the chalkboards. Simple menu and so yummy!

I started with a drink called a Tulip Julep (with a 70/30 pour, mostly bourbon)so I was buzzed before the food got to the table. Funny, I sort of want one of those drinks right now at my desk. Ok, back to dinner...we split the "bigger" size Cesar Salad - so much garlic it was insane! We each ordered spaghetti, mine without meat balls, his with. He ordered wine, I stuck with the Tulip Julep. The portions here are insane and the booth benches are a little low so you actually feel like a little kid sitting in front of a huge bowl of spaghetti. I love that. We ate spaghetti while oooeing and ahhhing at each other across the table, biting pieces of garlic bread in between lovingly twisting pasta around our forks lining up our next bites. It was so delicious! The service here is awesome too, very cute indie girls with streaked hair dressed in black with their vintage glasses on but not the kind of place where it feels forced like some hipster places here in the city where guys were skinny jeans (EWE!).

Anyway, after dinner was done (we saved half of our entrees for lunch today, I forgot mine of course, boooo), we decided to take a look at the dessert menu. They had something called Peanut Butter Bar, served with Mitchell's Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce. Well, for those of you in the know, Mitchell's is the best local ice cream around my part of town so I was sold and I love peanut butter anything. The peanut butter "bar" was salty and peanut buttery with a large baseball size ball of ice cream on top and coated in chocolate sauce. I am not a huge fan of the chocolate, but this combo is a do not miss if you go to Emmy's. Sweet, salt, rich, cold, creamy, ohmygoodness!!! The dessert with a glass of muscat put me over the edge. I was drunk. Walked the three blocks home, worked on my journal a little - made a little collage in it while singing Cat Stevens songs with Tim and went to bed. I woke up this morning face planted into the bed, no pillow and covered over my head in blankets. A good night in deed.

2 days until Malta!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Manic Monday

If I had the closet of my dreams, this is what I would be wearing today...Juicy BoHo

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favorite Cereal

I know this is super silly, but my favorite cereal (besides my old faithful Familia) was taken off the market in 1996 - it was Kellogg's Honey Nut Corn Flakes. Growing up in Michigan where Kellogg's is based we always seemed to have it at home. After I moved out to California in 1996 I started looking for it to no avail, I thought maybe I couldn't get it on the west coast. After more research I found that it had been discontinued. What a crock! This stuff is so good, crunchy, the right amount of sweet and a bit nutty. How sad to see it disappear.

Well, the story continues...when I was in Malta in 2006 while buying my groceries I noticed something on the shelf called Kellogg's Crunchy Nut. Could this be it? I had to buy it and try it and guess what? It was IT! The cereal I remembered as a child, ohh, so good I ate two bowls the first go round. I ate it for dinner. I ate it almost every day I was there. I think I went through two boxes by myself. Then, I saw it again in Greece in May and remembered I could get it over in Europe - why is that? Do Americans not crave what Europe considers "ludicrously tasty"? Why don't they sell this in the states any more? Anyway, just this morning while in the "think tank" (aka the shower) I was thinking about grocery shopping in Malta and I remembered my favorite breakfast cereal! I called my Mom to tell her about it, she remembered it too when we were kids and how good it was. Needless to say, I can't wait to go to the Tower Grocery Store when we arrive in Malta and enjoy some "ludicrously tasty" cereal of my youth. It may be made in the UK now but as long as it still exists, that is OK with me.

One Day Closer

Getting closer to take off.
Just putting the final touches on the journal I made for this trip.

I found an old 1965 small size Maltese Dictionary at the rummage sale a couple weekends ago, took the pages out and sewed some of the original pages back in mixed with blank pages for me to write on. I added an elastic band to keep it all together for those days when I just have time to shove things in it and also affixed a pocket to the inside of the back cover to collect things in.

This is a lot like the Greek travel journal I made - I am super excited to fill it with our travel adventures.

At this point, I have been in contact with the extended family over in Malta and everyone is ready for us. We will probably see them a few days after we arrive so we have time to rest and get acclimated to the time change. I am getting really excited and trying not to think about the flight (I have control issues and don't like the anxious feeling I get while flying, but can psych myself out pretty good unless it gets bumpy). Once I get to Chicago I will be with my Mom who is pretty mellow on the plane so that will be good.

4 days until Malta!

Friday, September 25, 2009

*Fabulous Find*

Anyone have $3950 laying around to invest in my apartment's decor?
I super love this horse print, but the price...honestly....

25 Words Meme

OK, one more, I got tagged by two different people to complete these.
Here is one more, I have been asked to describe myself in 25 words.
This was harder than I thought it was going to be - here is my first stab.

Crafty, passionate, loyal, Midwestern, adventurer, classic rock listening, animal loving, goal setting, list making, red truck dreaming, writer, entertainer, vegetable eating, optimistic, unique, laughing girl.

One Word Meme

I know, I have done this before, but these questions are a little different. So, this is me in one word at the present moment.

Where is your cell phone? Bag
Relationship? Happy
Your hair? Hippy
Work? Assistant
Your sister? Emily
Your favorite thing? Travel
Your dream last night? Hazey
Your favorite drink? Water
Your dream car? Sierra
The room you’re in? Office
Your shoes? Off
Your fears? Snakes
What do you want to be in 10 years? Writer
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Friends
What are you not good at? Math
Muffin? Bran
One of your wish list items? House
Where you grew up? Michigan
Last thing you did? Classified
What are you wearing? Rings
What aren’t you wearing? Socks
Your pet? BayLee
Your computer? Black
Your life? Awesome
Your mood? Grateful
Missing? Someone
What are you thinking about right now? Mom
Your car? Jeep
Your kitchen? Small
Your summer? Fabulous
Your favorite color? Pink
Last time you laughed? Today
Last time you cried? Sunday
School? Yuck
Love? Family

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


anticipation surrounds me
heat awaits me
naked foot to baked yellow limestone means I have arrived
I am here

outstretched blue arms of the sea as wide as the sky
expecting my arrival
wrapping its salty robe around me
inviting me to float in silence

8 days until Malta!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The September Issue

I went to see The September Issue yesterday after work - a little date with myself! Having read Vogue magazine and being an admirer of fashion since I was a young teen, you could imagine my excitement when confronted with a behind the scenes view at the magazine and the entire production process of the coveted annual Bible of fashion, the September issue. Each year this issue is stuffed like a fat girl in a corset with all of the fall and winter trends. Next to September, March comes in second and is also a HUGE issue with all of the spring and summer trends. I have long read the names Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington but never knew what they were really like. I had an idea about Anna since she gets so much press about her fur wearing, ice queen ways, but Grace I had always seen listed as the fashion editor under photo spreads and nothing else. The movie profiles these two women and actually Grace stole my heart and the show. It was inspiring to see that the magazine that is responsible for staying one step ahead of the trends and forced to be on the up and up is run by women over the age of 50, Anna at 59 and Grace at 68.

Grace is the Creative Director of Vogue magazine and is so passionate about her work. She was commenting on how she still dresses the models and was on the floor buckling a shoe on a model, she likes to have total control over the shoot and the proves successful as all the spreads I have seen directed by her are amazing. We didn't see too much into Anna's life outside of Vogue, a couple scenes with her daughter and her alone traveling from place to place. She is pretty quiet (or was in the movie) but definitely opinionated and will step on any one's toes to make sure "her" magazine is the best.

I respect them both, they were both models in the UK when they were younger. Grace was forced to retire from modeling due to a car accident, she was an Assistant at British Vogue and moved her way up the ladder. You have to read Anna's bio to believe it, she was a firecracker - I love that she once met Bob Marley and then disappeared with him for a week! They didn't dig too deep into Anna, she spoke at times, but was very icy.

I could go on forever, but don't want to bore anyone.

To sum it up, if you like Vogue and are interested in the behind the scenes look - check this movie out! I loved it. It is a documentary so don't expect grand pans across the Vogue offices, the transitions are a little shaky, but I liked it, it was like someone just came in with a camcorder and did their job, no fancy director of photography needed.

Summers End

First day of fall, really? We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the Bay Area, but I can't help thinking about fall, it used to be my favorite season when I lived in Michigan. The crisp air, the colors of the leaves burnt from the long summer sun, the smell of people stoking their first fire of the season. It is hard to believe it is already here.

I don't usually wear a winter jacket/coat - I don't even own one. The last two winter's I got by with a Patagonia fleece vest and assume that will come out of the closet soon and be worn daily.

Anyway, while looking for something at Anthropologie the other day I found this lovely pink coat. If I lived somewhere cold enough, I would really want it (albeit way too expensive). It would look so cute with a little black beret and some gloves. Ooo La La!
9 days until Malta!

So Many Movies

I saw this trailer yesterday when I went to see The September Issue and almost died in my seat. Fashion, France and Fabulous! I can't wait! More on The September Issue later.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Maybe the reason I haven't been posting on my blog as much as I used to is because my computer is always occupied by my YouTube addicted cat.

Manic Monday

If I had the closet of my dreams, this is what I would be wearing today...
Twiggy in Pink

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Heart Accessories

At lunch today, Wendy and I went into H&M (what I call "H"uge "M"istake) to look for accessories since both of us have weddings to attend in the near future.
Anyway, I didn't find anything that I needed, but found a lot of things to try on in the store.
I love the pink knit tube/scarf thing.
Did I end up with anything? Yes, the scarf on my head in the last photo. It is a huge square and so pretty and was a steal at $12! I am still thinking about those white sunglasses, I love them!

13 days until Malta!

Free Table

OK, so some of my friends know, we have this "free table" here at work. Mostly samples, etc. sometimes the items are so obscure, it is more entertaining that anything. This is just a perk of working for a food retailer. This week has been pretty awesome...
  • Protein Powder (one chocolate, one vanilla)
  • Brie
  • Crumbled Feta

I love getting things for free or at a deep discount.

Anyone else get "perks" at their job?
Please share....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Look

Had to change my masthead, wanted a new look. I usually keep them the same for 6 months or so and then get tired, I liked that last one, maybe I will just rotate them to mix it up.
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

*{Fabulous Finds}*

Found these cool Halloween things at Pottery Barn and had to post them.
I super love Halloween! 14 days until Malta!

Bright Star

Just read the article about this movie in Vogue and must see it. The trailer gives me chills. It looks incredibly romantic (hello, it is John Keats!), cinematically breathtaking and very well styled. Check it out.
PS - I hate youtube ads popping up just x them off.


You know you have know those little things others may think strange but you have gotten so used to them that they are now part of your life. You know, the quirks that make you who you are. I have quite a few and have decided that maybe if I tell them, I will stop the insanity of some of them and also risk maybe getting institutionalized for my behavior. Promise me you won't lock me up!
  • I only get up in the morning on minutes divisible by 8. (6:08, 6:16, 6:24, 6:32, 6:48) not 6:40 though, there are just numbers I know I am more comfortable. I also prefer getting up on the hour of 6 or 8 when I have a choice.
  • I eat in even numbers (only counts for small items) - cookies, if it is big, I will break it in 2. M&M's, Jelly Bellies, bite size items; 2, 4 or 8 at a time.

  • If I really like a book and don't want it to end, I will slip it under the mattress until I am ready to finish it. I just pulled two out of there, one I had nearly forgotten about.

  • Same as above but with movies/tv shows I rent on DVD that I love. I get near the end and fall asleep even if I am not tired, I just don't want it to end. After 32 hours of "The Duchess of Duke Street" series, I fell asleep the last 10 minutes of the last episode 4 nights in a row, even when I started it where I fell asleep the night before.

  • Since we are on the issue of sleep, I have self diagnosed, "scary movie narcolepsy". If we are watching a scary movie at home (very rare these days, I try to view positive things for the most part), when it gets to a really scary part, I fall asleep. Tim and I came up with this about 10 years ago when it started.

  • When I at my parents house, I still rush up the basement stairs because I think the washing machine is going to come alive and grab my feet as I am going up the stairs. If you could see the visual in my head, pretty scary!

  • Just like with books, when I really love a piece of jewelry, I will "accidentally" hide it on myself so I can't wear it for a while. This happens more than I would like, I am starting to think that at this point it I am doing it unconsciously.

  • With the above stated, I am always on a "hunt" for something. I will literally be sitting on the couch in the middle of something and think of something I have not seen in a while and then go on a mad tear "hunt" through the house. Right now there are two things I am "hunting" for, both jewelry and yes, they are things I super love a lot and wanted to give a break to I guess. I will even think of something I used to have and think it is at my parent's house and call my Mom and ask her to look for it (Mom, mustard seed necklace in white envelope, ha ha). It was bad for a while, I could imagine my Mom cringing when I would call and say..."Mom, remember that...(fill in item here)."

  • I have a process to cereal and milk. If Tim tries to help me and pour the milk I have a fit! Don't even ask about this one, I don't know.
  • When I cross the street, I have to use a cross walk and stay in the white lines - if there aren't any (Vietnam, Greece, Malta) then I am ok.
I have so many more, but these are the quirks that come to mind right now. If you know of more that I have, don't tell me about them, I may not be ready yet.

What are some of your quirks?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday

If I had the closet of my dreams, this is what I would be wearing today...
highland fling
PS - I super love this cardigan!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Maltese Social Club

I forgot to report earlier in the week that I went to the monthly women's committee meeting at the Maltese American Social Club Tuesday night.

We had a nice dinner, chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, green beans, Cesar salad and garlic bread. I had all of the veggies, they were delicious!

November's meeting will be hosted by me. I am planning a potluck dinner so it should be cool to try every one's cooking. I will miss the October meeting as I will be in Malta - maybe I will have to act out a meeting for my Mom's entertainment.

Anyway, I am advertising it here but this weekend, the entire city of South San Francisco is having a city wide garage sale and the Maltese Club is having a rummage sale which I will be working at Saturday and Sunday. It is also posted here on Craigslist.

Hope you had a great Friday!

Giants Game

Today our office went to the Giants game!
The Babe had the day off and came with us, it was awesome! I love a day where you can take public transit, can eat a brat (and beer) for lunch, an ice cream sundae (split with the babe) for dessert and have a stop for $1 tacos on the way home for dinner!
Great lunch, great afternoon and great dinner.
Photos by phone, so they are not that great, but I had to document everything.

Monday, September 07, 2009

5 Point Summary

I was just telling the Babe that I have not been much into blogging as of late and needed to post though so I don't disappear completely. He suggested I do a 5 point summary of what I have been up to these days. So, without further ado, here are my five:
  1. I am addicted to the BBC series called "Jam and Jerusalem" - also known as "Clatterford" on Netflix. I have been inspired to enjoy a spot of tea and biscuits more often than not (hence the photo taken this morning).
  2. Gearing up for my trip to Malta - picking outings, places to eat, walk, etc.
  3. I have been erupting creatively since Friday, writing a lot, coming up with ideas for things to make. This doesn't happen often so I am trying to embrace it while I can.
  4. Constantly thinking about the vegan donut I ate on Friday at Whole Foods Market.
  5. Praying Emily has a good move and settle in in Chicago. She moved this past weekend and is alone in the big city before Mat joins her next week (he has one more week at his job).

*Bonus - not by choice, but have watched a LOT (too much really) of the US Open this weekend.

Manic Monday

If I had the closet of my dreams, this is what I would be wearing today...
business casual

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Already?

Seriously, it is NOT Friday already...really?
I have been running all week nonstop and am just sort of getting a chance to catch my breath. Work has sort of taken over, but I have let it and that is ok for now, I am planning on working as much as I can before I leave for Malta next month. This week we had a big off site meeting, that I plan 5 times a year. This time we met at the Headlands Institute out on the coast and it was amazing and beautiful, the weather could not have been better, it was sunny and HOT. After the meeting I planned a wine/appetizer party at my bosses' house. So Wednesday, I woke up at the crack of dawn, went and picked up the wine glasses from the rental place, dropped them off at my bosses house and then went to the meeting location - had to be there by 9 to make sure set up was correct, etc. I took notes at the meeting from 10-4 and then headed back to my bosses house to help set up, drink wine and eat some yummy appetizers, cheese, fruit, etc. I was beat when I got home on Wednesday. Yesterday once I got home, Tim whisked me off to run errands with him and took me out for a fast food dinner (which, I had to admit, was really good).

Today, ugh, I had to drop my car off at the shop - really. My breaks are squeaking so bad, I am embarrassed when I have to stop. I just recently got my rears done, so it may be the front needed, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it just needs lubricated or something and wont cost me anything - please God. With that said, I am working from one of our stores, which is pretty sweet. Close to home, close to the auto shop and my boss is coming in today too, so I will be able to touch base with him, which will be nice to do out of the office. I have a little mobile office set up, which I actually love, all I need is a little portable printer. Check me out...

By the way, donuts are new in the Potrero Hill store and are 100% Vegan and 200% delicious! I can't even stand it, I want to go back down to the cafe and get another one! I tried the apple cinnamon but there are like 5 other flavors. Maybe I will take one home for Tim if I can resist not eating it on the way. No weird mouth coating or after taste like some other vegan donuts either! Yesssss.
OK, back to work, I have a lot to do, but haven't posted in a while and felt the need. No big plans for the Labor Day weekend, just relaxing, I have one "must do" on my list (Stern Grove), but that is it. I am reading a great book right now so, reading, laying around and watching my final disc of "The Duchess of Duke Street" sounds wonderful. Maybe a yoga class, but I don't want to push it - I like my time at home, I have to admit, once I am there it is hard to pry me away some times.

27 days until Malta!


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