Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Already?

Seriously, it is NOT Friday already...really?
I have been running all week nonstop and am just sort of getting a chance to catch my breath. Work has sort of taken over, but I have let it and that is ok for now, I am planning on working as much as I can before I leave for Malta next month. This week we had a big off site meeting, that I plan 5 times a year. This time we met at the Headlands Institute out on the coast and it was amazing and beautiful, the weather could not have been better, it was sunny and HOT. After the meeting I planned a wine/appetizer party at my bosses' house. So Wednesday, I woke up at the crack of dawn, went and picked up the wine glasses from the rental place, dropped them off at my bosses house and then went to the meeting location - had to be there by 9 to make sure set up was correct, etc. I took notes at the meeting from 10-4 and then headed back to my bosses house to help set up, drink wine and eat some yummy appetizers, cheese, fruit, etc. I was beat when I got home on Wednesday. Yesterday once I got home, Tim whisked me off to run errands with him and took me out for a fast food dinner (which, I had to admit, was really good).

Today, ugh, I had to drop my car off at the shop - really. My breaks are squeaking so bad, I am embarrassed when I have to stop. I just recently got my rears done, so it may be the front needed, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it just needs lubricated or something and wont cost me anything - please God. With that said, I am working from one of our stores, which is pretty sweet. Close to home, close to the auto shop and my boss is coming in today too, so I will be able to touch base with him, which will be nice to do out of the office. I have a little mobile office set up, which I actually love, all I need is a little portable printer. Check me out...

By the way, donuts are new in the Potrero Hill store and are 100% Vegan and 200% delicious! I can't even stand it, I want to go back down to the cafe and get another one! I tried the apple cinnamon but there are like 5 other flavors. Maybe I will take one home for Tim if I can resist not eating it on the way. No weird mouth coating or after taste like some other vegan donuts either! Yesssss.
OK, back to work, I have a lot to do, but haven't posted in a while and felt the need. No big plans for the Labor Day weekend, just relaxing, I have one "must do" on my list (Stern Grove), but that is it. I am reading a great book right now so, reading, laying around and watching my final disc of "The Duchess of Duke Street" sounds wonderful. Maybe a yoga class, but I don't want to push it - I like my time at home, I have to admit, once I am there it is hard to pry me away some times.

27 days until Malta!

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