Wednesday, January 30, 2013

La Chamba

Let's act like I have not posted in over and month, kiss and make up and just move forward.

I have to share my new La Chamba casserole dish with lid that I got for Christmas from my parents. I wanted something multipurpose and this is the best! I can make soup or beans in it on the stove stop and also bake in it, in the oven. It is gorgeous as well. Nice and deep and about 4.5 quarts so good size for 2-4 people.

More information here Toque Blache.

So far I have made my pinto beans ole, roasted tomato & rosemary soup with kale & potatoes and a cannellini bean stew (no link, I didn't write the recipe yet).  They all have been wonderful and cooking in this pot always makes me happy.
Next time I make the Cannellini Bean Stew I promise to share the recipe because it was delicious!

So Many Outlets

With so many social networks out there it is hard to keep up.
I have to admit a lot of my time spent on pinterest, twitter, facebook and instagram.  They are all quick and fun to use and easy to get sucked into.
With that said, that explains some of my absence from this blog.
The other reason is my writing project. I am finally making some good headway and once I am inspired to write, I have to write which has made this little place on the web fall along the wayside per sea.

I hope to post more this year even if it is something completely random that I want to share. I hope everyone is having a good new year so far.


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