Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Morning...

  1. Got up early
  2. Took a shower
  3. Went to the laundromat at 7 AM - loaded all of my clothes in one of those jumbo washers
  4. Went to the gas station and filled up the Jeep with gas for Tim while I am away
  5. Went to Safeway (instead of Target and Kiehls) and got what I needed
  6. Went back to laundromat and loaded clothes into dryer
  7. Took non-dryer clothes home and hung them on the line outside
  8. Kissed and pet BayLee
  9. Went to the bank to deposit a check
  10. Back to the laundromat and there was two minutes left on the dryer
  11. Took and couple deep breaths and closed my eyes
  12. Removed clothes from the dryer
  13. Folded aforementioned clothes in record time and put them in the basket
  14. Loaded basket into my backseat
  15. Drove to work
  16. Checked in online for my flights to London

1 more day until Malta!

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