Sunday, October 04, 2009

Quick Update

Hello from Malta!
We hit the ground running and I have not had much time to post and Mom is now waiting for me, so it may be a quick one and I will come back later.
Here is a summary so far:
  • Flight to Chicago to meet Mom was super delayed and I would have missed my connection to London, so I flew SFO to LAX, literally RAN to the gate just making the plane to London.
  • Met up with Mom in London and flew to Malta (which was on time!)
  • Got to Malta, suitcase was lost - one of them and not the big one, so ok, I can deal, but was stressed and anxious until I got it
  • Anton picked us up and drove us to the apartment (same guy as last time - super nice)
  • We went and walked along the sea which was stirred up a bit from a storm the night before we landed so no one was swimming although it was HOT
  • Got a cappuccino, sat and people watched on the water
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Out to a Maltese restaurant for dinner to kick off the trip with a traditional meal, I had bread and an antipasti plate with goat cheese, tomatoes, olives, etc. Mom had fish soup ad timpana - so good. Also, the vino - yes!
  • Went back to apartment, stayed up until late looking at tour books and planning our days as much as we wanted (pretty lax though)
  • Went to bed, slept until 10 Saturday
  • Woke up, had tea, bread, laughing cow cheese and fruit and took off for the day
  • Called airline to no avail - long story, but Anton picked my suitcase up for me! He is a God send, seriously.
  • After the bag arrived the weight was lifted.
  • We took a ferry across to Valletta for the Notte Bianca festival held once a year.
  • Sat in a cafe and had the best pizza ever and beer
  • The festival started and I can't explain it until the next post, but lets just say AMAZING!
  • Stayed out in Valletta until about 10:30 PM and walked down to take the ferry back to Sliema.
  • Dragged our asses into bed, hot, tired but still not up to speed with the time so we didn't sleep too well.
  • Sunday, met up with Ilene from an American in Malta blog (see links on right until blogs l dig). Drank coffee and talked, now are walking around in the sun and going to Ilene's house for dinner! Such a nice woman and so sweet to invite us to dinner at her home.
  • All for now - I will write more later, but if I don't please know we are having a blast and that it why I have not wanted to spend time on the computer.
Babe, I miss you! I think we need to come here in the spring (hint hint).
Hi Dad and Emily!
Limited time on the computer and I have to check my email, so gotta run!
Much love!


Angela said...

Sounds fantastic! Thanks for the update, glad to hear that everything is going well. Hello to your mom, eat and drink lots for me. Can't wait for the pictures.
Love you,

robin said...

Glad you are having such a fabulous time!

BeBop said...

I am so jealous, I just cried!! Keep up the fun. Tell Mom I said "hi and that I checked on dad, he is doing fine so far!!" heehe. Love you.

pomegranate seed said...

have a fabulous time - sounds just wonderful - even with temporarily lost luggage and all (most importantly: it was found!) xxoo


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