Saturday, October 17, 2009

Harbor Cats

Cats are all over Malta and so are boats and I super love when they come together. Here are a few shots of cats hanging out by where the Sliema ferry arrives in Valletta (the best mode of transportation if you ask me). The guys who have their boats and fish at the harbor are so sweet with the cats too, we saw the cats being pet and held by the macho boat men. I appreciate the brief glimpse of sensitivity in these men and the kick back nature of these fish loving felines.
I call these waiting for dinner...this cat was so cute and watched every move the fishermen made.


Angela said...

so cute!
did you have any follow you?
there are stray dogs all over the islands in greece. i don't think they care about spaying or neutering much.
great pictures.

The Maltese Kat said...

One of them followed us for a minute, but that was about it. Remember when we were coming out of the Lidel (sp?) parking lot with Christina and there was a dog running in the street? Same with Vietnam, they are everywhere. Bob Barker would be very upset - remember he was always reminding people at the end of The Price is Right to help control the pet population and get your pet spayed or neutered?
XO - Katie

robin said...



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