Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hump Day

Wednesday, mid point of the week. July 4th and I am at work dreaming of baking in my kitchen or crafting something. It is hard because Tim has every single holiday off and I always have to work. I could use the money though, so that is the one postive thing out of the deal.
Nothing exciting this week. Yoga studio schedule has been a little off due to the holiday, I hope to get over there tomorrrow and take a class.
My parents are in Washington D.C., my Dad is attending a Khe-Sanh vets reunion, so they are probably having a good time with old buddies, etc. I can imagine it will be a little intense as well, seeing the memorial wall for the first time and my Mom seeing Steve's name on it. I hope they take a lot of photos.
I miss hanging out with family on holiday's, firing up the grill in the backyard and listening to baseball or music. Those were the days.
Tim and I are thinking more and more about getting out of the city so we can have more space and so we can do more at home. It would be nice to have a backyard or even a deck to hang out and BBQ on. We have a backyard (tiny and overgrown) so it is not the same. We just have to sit tight and wait until the adoption is complete since it would be a hassle to change our paperwork as it is already sitting waiting at the USCIS office. Until then, we will keep our heads down and save money.

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