Friday, July 06, 2007

One more day...

It is Friday! I made it!

Yesterday was awful. Poor little BayLee has been sick with a really bad case of the sniffles, I mean it is so bad he sounds like he is snoring when he is awake. He is a cat, not a pug! I stayed home until 9 AM yesterday to see if I could get him in to see a doctor. I have been calling the vet over the last week and they have been telling me that it will clear and sounds like a cold. I had it though and was worried so when I called as luck may have it, they had a 10 AM cancellation so I took him in. Poor thing cried all the way in the car and was completely silent when we got there. The vet looked at him and everything seemed healthy and normal about him except for his nasal congestion. They took some blood and tried to aspirate his nose to no avail. I am waiting to hear back on the blood test, I am not sure what they will show, but I said "do what you think is right" to the vet. He is supposed to call me back today. We went home with some antibiotics (liquid) and have to give it 2-3 days to clear and if it doesn't then we have to take him to a specialist so they can take a scope and check out his nasal area and see if there is a polyp in there that needs to be removed. The one good thing is, he is young, still eating and drinking and playing and talking. I just pray that the antibiotics will work. They have to sedate him if they do the scope and he already is having trouble breathing so I don't even want to think about that until we get there, if we have to go there.

On a good note, Tim's sister came into town with her boyfriend Barry and we hung out and went out to eat last night at the Lotus Garden. I love Sandra, she is really cool and likes to laugh and have a good time. Who wouldn't like someone like that? We had a really nice dinner and chatted it up and then went back home and took some photos and then they went back to their hotel and Tim and I went to bed with BayLee. BayLee was so loud breathing, I had to wear earplugs in order to sleep, it is really sad. Tim already called me this morning worried about him. All we can do is have faith that he will get better and not get too far ahead of ourselves.

I took these photos yesterday when I went to pick up Tim from work, you can tell it was a gorgeous day!

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