Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting "Back" in Action

So, I went to the chiropractor yesterday after suffering most of the day with the worst back pain I have ever had. She adjusted me and told me that I messed up my lower back pretty bad and I go back in tomorrow to look at the X-Rays with her (she wanted to make sure I don't have a herniated disc or something like that). I am so glad she is right next to my office and I can go over there for 15 minutes and not be missed.

Anyway, my fridge still has not been fixed and I am quickly running out of food money. I can't afford to go out anymore and hope that my landlord compensates me for the meals out I have had to pay for because groceries wont keep in the fridge. I never knew how inconvenient this was going to be.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and no big plans for the weekend except Tim playing tennis so I am excited to get some crafting done.

Stay tuned...

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