Friday, July 20, 2007


I remember when my love for magazines began...

I was in elementary school and used to love to read my Mom's Better Homes and Gardens, Women's Day and Family Circle magazines. I think I looked forward to them arriving in the mail as much as she did. Since then I have been a complete magazine junkie. I remember when I got Highlights for Kids in the mail and then Seventeen Magazine. I would read Seventeen until I was blue in the face and could tell you what photo was on each page and what it was about. Fast forward to today...I can't tell you how many I am currently subscribing too, but I have cut down quite a bit (believe me). However, it is cheaper to subscribe than buy on the newsstand, plus you get something fun in the mail each month. Magazine subscriptions are a great gift too.

Anyway, I have to say that I never thought as an adult I would like Better Homes and Gardens again, but while in the chiropractors office last week and then again today I got sucked in. Wendy and I both decided that this is not your mother's Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The thing I love most is their website . I guess if I think about it, the people that are currently running the magazine are of my generation or even younger; they aren't the same ladies that were running the show in the 80's. Either way, I love it. So many great ideas and still constructed of that cheap magazine paper. No thick, super shiny, hard to rip out pages like Vogue (sorry Anna Wintour, I am still a subscriber, but when I want to rip something out, it is hard - I feel like an old lady holding up the line trying to release the last check from my checkbook).
I just heard the following...

Anna Wintour thinks the word "blog" should be banned! The editor-in-chief of US Vogue has apparently decided that the word blog is vulgar and refuses to let it be used on the Vogue website.

You know after Anna reads this entry (I KNOW she secretly sneaks a daily peak at my blog, ha ha, she MUST, right?) she is going to rush straight to the Apple store and get an ibook just so she can be online outside the perimeter of Vogue's microscope and start checking out how many COOL blogs and other things there are out there. Enjoy it Anna!


Anonymous said...

helloo! I'm a Midwest girl who lived in San Francisco for years and recently returned to the Midwest and continue my love for magazines here. How fun to find your blog (via your Favorites swap partner)! My favorite magazines are: Blueprint, Domino, Real Simple, and yes, Better Homes & Gardens.

(pretty swap items, by the way, that you sent your partner. can't believe it's your first swap! I'm part of the same one and you inspired me with the pretty packaging you used for the swap)

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks for your sweet message. I just checked out your blog and it is incredible. Love your post about jars, I have a million ball and lamb brand glass jars that I collect sea glass in.
Keep in touch!


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