Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekend is Here!

Well, I went back to the chiropractor, I didn't herniate a disk (phew), but hurt one of the muscles down there pretty bad. She said I have a bulging disk and it will heal. I need to rest it and not do things that may cause me more pain like; lifting things, doing laundry, getting in and out of my car (I know that sounds silly, but it hurts) and stuff like that. So, I am home bound for the weekend. I am supposed to have brunch on Sunday with a friend, but not sure because I have not called to confirm yet. Anyway, the week has been really nice even though BayLee is still sick and my fridge is still broken and I am running out of money to eat out with. I still have a roof over my head and things could be worse. Hey, who knows, maybe Tim and I will get the letter we have been waiting for from USCIS about the adoption. Something has got to give, right?
Anyway, have a nice weekend. I will be crafting my little heart out, working on Christmas presents and playing with my sewing machine. I am looking forward to a mellow weekend.
Stay tuned...

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