Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update in a Nutshell

I know, I have been MIA for a few. So, with that said, here is my update in a nutshell.
  • Got a brand new fridge! Finally! Don't even ask about how many it took for them to realize it is just better to get us a new one.
  • My back is a lot better, I went to the chiro several times for treatments. Bulging disk has settled down, no more muscle spasm, I just have to be careful lifting, etc.
  • Tim and I are one step closer to our baby. We went to USCIS and got fingerprinted on Friday so now we wait for the i-171h and everything is out of our hands.
  • I had a wonderful time with my brother while he was here last week. I got a sinus infection, but bucked up for his visit but when he left I was down for a while.
  • BayLee is on his new medication for his stuffy nose and it is a 21 day round. We are on day 4 so there is no telling what will happen, I just hope it works. My brother said he sounds like Darth Vader.
  • Emily arrives on Thursday night! I am so freakin excited I can hardly contain myself. I love hanging out with my sister. She is the BEST and so funny. I cant stop laughing when she is here.
  • Me and a gaggle of my friends are renting a beach house in Bodega Bay this weekend (Fri-Mon) and that is going to be a blast! I am looking forward to sitting, drinking and talking AND having a long weekend off.
  • No word on Apache. I miss him so much and pray that he is well. Cut to me watching "The Horse Whisperer" balling my eyes out the other night. I need to go and visit him, I need him in my life. For any horse people reading, you understand, I know you do.

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