Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blood Orange Bitters

Robin introduced me to this product last summer and I am addicted!

I love to drink this with soda (like Robin made it). Unfortunately, it was out of stock at BevMo for so long and from what I can see online, it has been out of stock at a number or places. I finally got a bottle a couple weeks ago and I am about to finish it. I knew I should have purchased two of them.

If you like bitters, try it, even if you don't, you might like it. This is not your Mother's bitters.


Anonymous said...

delicious and good for a tummy ache!
I'll see if my local bevmo has some and stock up for you!
Love you!


Hey been following your blog for some time now :) Love it. The colour of this beverage reminds me of Kinnie. Did you have any when you were in Malta last?? No one of my favourite but worth a taste. Hey I've been wanting to email you and introduce myself but couldn't find a contact for you. What the best way?

The Maltese Kat said...

You can email me at
Yes, I did try Kinnie and I liked it. I like that bitter herby taste.
Email me when you can!


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