Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Rude!

Just have to vent...
Is San Francisco becoming the new New York City?
Have New York City and San Francisco changed places in the rude attitude department?
I swear people are getting more and more rude as the years go by for me as a city dweller. I would rather park far away from my home and walk in the rain (like last night) rather than fight with the guy down the street (with the Michigan plates) for a parking spot (he is not nice and uses language that would make a truck driver blush).
This morning on my 5 block walk to my car, I decide that each person I come to, I am going to look at them and say, "Good Morning" and see what the response rate is. Well, 3 our of 4 just looked down and didn't say anything, the one that did respond was an old man who tipped his hat and nodded (phew, a brief breeze of old time charm, which I am total sucker for).

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Angela said...

Well I say, Good Morning to you, my love! Thank goodness for the older gentleman and his manners!
I think it's not just city dwelling, it's our society as a whole. People are just rude, mean and just don't think about others as often as they should. It's very sad. I say you keep being your charming, nice, considerate self. We have to stand strong!
Love you,


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