Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fabulous Find

Photo: At West End

I super love this horse and know exactly where I would put it, if ever I was graced with his presence. I have already named him too!


Anonymous said...

Hey... I thought you were thinking of putting your current horse out to pasture because he was tired. Is this the replacement stud?

The Maltese Kat said...

Dear Anonymous,
I know I told one certain someone that I was "thinking" about painting my other horse but was worried about not getting the aged look I wanted. That may be what you are referring to, but never did I mention putting him "out to pasture" that is just wrong!
This guy is totally different and a LOT smaller than the antique Indian one I have at home. This one is iron and is about 1/6 the size of the other.
I believe there is an old Native American saying about one can never have too many horses, but I can't remember it off the bat.
Thanks for your concern, no need to call the SPCA, all horses at my home will have a warm place to live and will be equally loved.
-Maltese Kat


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