Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things I Know...

Maybe if I put this stuff out there, I will do it!
  • I need to write a couple letters
  • I need to buy some film, I am craving using my old cameras lately
  • I need to be more organized - although my brain does NOT work that way
  • I need to get my taxes done
  • I need a time out more often than I thought
  • I need to commit to one night a week of being creative
  • I need to get rid of more clothing that I don't wear - I would like everything to fit in my dresser only
  • I need to organize my desk at home
  • I need new mascara
  • I need to exercise every day
  • I need to decide, to paint or not to paint, Tim doesn't like the idea of orange - that sort of puts a wrench in things.

1 comment:

pomegranate seed said...

hey - (i'm going comment crazy because the little one is sleeping and being taken care of by the grandparents - they're here for a month and will be leaving soon - sad! so i'm taking advantage and catching up on my blog reading!)- did you ever come to our apt on hermann street after we did the kitchen? we painted it a bright orange - more terra cotta - i have old pics of it on my blog somewhere i think... it looked awesome! maybe you can win him over - or compromise and do only one wall? orange looked fantastic in our apartment! if you want, i might be able to dig up the photos in my archives somewhere - let me know :)


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