Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Madness

When some people think about the phrase "March Madness" they think college basketball. Well, when I think of March Madness, I think Magazines...BIG, PLUMP, HUNDREDS OF PAGES, FASHION, DROOL STIMULATING, Magazines! The March issues are the best, they are full of the newest spring and summer looks. Think bright colors, bold prints and lots of fun sandals.

Outwardly, I am not fashionable at all. I am usually clad in my signature black cardigan (I own three - all different styles), hey...maybe that is my fashion trademark, like Coco Chanel and her pearls, Carrie Donovan and those larger than life glasses or Carrie Bradshaw and her shoes. However, on the inside I am a Rachel Zoe type stylist wannabe. I am a self proclaimed "poly whore" because I am so addicted to I love putting things together, dreaming of one day being able to have that as part of my job.

This season's magazines are little more svelte than they have been in the past, but loaded with fabulous to-die-for fashion. Like an anorexic with high cholesterol, thin on the outside but filled with stuff on the inside. Don't let them fool you! The cool thing this year is, there are a lot of things that we working girls can afford, which I if I could only fit into those great clothes.

So, dig in! Get yourself a diet coke, a snickers bar and a stack of magazines and be ready to be swept away (this is my favorite dinner on a night alone by the way, I know, it's horrible).

PS - yes, those are tape flags in my magazines, I had to mark the things I love just for fun! I am a total dork, but fly my freak flag freely at all times.


Andrea said...

I always flag things in catalogs I like and then leave them in the bathroom for hubby to see. I also circle the item and indicate what size and color I want. Hyla does it too. You should have seen what she did to the American Girl catalog.

The Maltese Kat said...

I love it! Great idea for guys (like my hubby) who are at a loss for gift ideas most of the time.


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