Saturday, January 31, 2009

Loving the idea of orange...

For my living room.
I am too much of a wimp though and know I would never do it.
I am scared I would get tired of it.
I do love it though (at least right now I do).
Ugh, I can't commit to paint color!


Angela said...

It's beautiful and I think it would look great in your living room!
love you,

Ali said...

embrace colour! when i was a student I had an orange kitchen off a bright terquoise living room, secondary or tertiary colours? anyway it was magic and i loved it... then i bought a flat and got scared of colour and painted things cream that was called things like antique lace and chalky downs (they were just cream!) anyway, recently I've been trying to get back some colour on my walls, mainly green it has to be said, but I'm craving a fabulous inky blue wall in my kitchen! so i guess what I'm trying to say is go for the orange, love it, enjoy it, or hate it, get drunk, paint it white laugh it off.Best of luck! Ali

Raquel said...

Orange is wonderful! Don't second guess it (just make sure you use primer or you'll hate it 8 coats later.... and yes, this is from experience). Maybe just try it one wall first if you're really apprehensive. Anyways, you can always paint over it if you hate it.


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