Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching Up

Trying to play a little catch up over here. I have not posted in a while due to the craziness I have been experiencing at work. January is my busiest month of the entire year. Each year, I plan this large awards event/dinner that is happening on the 29th this year so I have been a bit swamped.

For those of you in the Bay Area, can you believe this weather? It is delicious, and a reminder of why I live here. Check it out!
This past weekend I was in Napa and it was nice outside, but I wasn't ware of the warmth coming our way. Sunday Tim and I went to brunch and had to wait for a table and we waited outside in the sun and had to take our jackets off!

Crafting as of late has consisted of making myself (yes, myself) and hankie with Ganesha on it (remover of obstacles, I thought it was funny since you blow your nose to remove obstacles). I made a book for my boss for his Birthday as well. I gave it to him yesterday and he really liked it. Check it out below (it had a Whole Foods Market theme of course and was made with old letterhead, grocery bag and a cut up calendar). I am hoping that I get some interest here at work and will be able to sell some books - already a few people have asked about me making one for them, so we will see.
That is about it for me. Weekend was nice, Tim and I got a rug for our living room, very simple and $40 at Ikea (even better). The one I really wanted was $299 and that was too much right now. The one we got is white, rag and very plain but will tide us over until we can get the other one. It really warms our place up and lessens the echo we have been experiencing since we gutted the living room. BayLee (of course) thinks it is for him, he comes into the living room now and keels over and rolls around on it (very cute).
Have a great Tuesday!

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