Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

I started by taking the first few days of the New Year by not posting and taking some time to myself. New Years Eve, Tim and I stayed in. It was nice. We just hung out and took it easy. I am not that much into crowds and craziness anymore so it was nice and cozy to stay home.

Thursday - cleaned house, put little Christmas tree away. Finished cleaning out my many magazines.

Friday - woke up pretty early for a day off and ran errands, bank, post office and grocery store. I took a class at San Francisco Center for the Book - I took it back at the beginning of 2007 as well. The class was called "Personalized Daybook". We created two personalized journals for the New Year. I loved the last one I made, but used it for the first couple months and then it got too heavy for me to carry around. So, now I have one for 6 months and then will start the next. Here are some photos of my books:
Even though I took this class before, it was so nice to take it again and meet new people and hear about the plans they have for their books. I almost always meet interesting people at the classes I take. I especially like the super talented instructor, Carolee. We know some of the same people and I had taken the class before so it was nice to see a friendly face. After class, I helped with the clean up and Carolee showed me the i-Ching and did a little reading for the new year, which was pretty interesting. It would be fun to do it again in 6 months or so and see what it says now that I know how it works. I drove Carolee home and she invited me in for tea and talk, which was so nice. It is nice to know a cool, creative gal here in the city. You can find more about Carolee at her site Pod Post listed under my Paper, Stationary, Etc. section on the left. I have been a fan since my class a couple years ago.

Saturday - Tim and I got up, made coffee and cleaned the house real good and were done by Noon. Our social worker was coming over to update our home study for our adoption so we wanted everything to be shiny and nice in case she needed to poke around. We went and had lunch at Whole Foods Market and then got some snacks to put out when the social worker arrived. Everything went well, the visit was about 2 hours, from 7-9 and very mellow. We lucked out with Pam, our social worker, she is super cool. Tomorrow, I am mailing in some additional paperwork that is needed for USCIS to process our 18 month extension.

Sunday - We slept until 10. I called my folks to check in and then we went to brunch and grocery shopped. The rest of the day has been nice, writing in my journal, catching up on blogging and did a load of laundry.

I am clearing out one of my old blogs - I was writing a blog for a while with a friend, but the posts stopped. Some of them are pretty fun so I will add them to this blog when I have writers block or feel the need to add them - like the one below.

Hope you all have a great New Year and have many plans to make it even better than last year, blah, blah, blah, why does it feel like you have to say that...I don't know. My new year usually starts with my Birthday, so I didn't really set any goals yet, etc. Really, I kind of already know what I need to do.


Angela said...

I love the books!
Sounds like a great weekend.
Miss you.
Love you.

Raquel said...

Hi Katie,
Great way to start the new year!
Glad to know all is well with you and Tim.
Happy New Year!

pomegranate seed said...

hey - my friends katherine, nikki and i do the i-ching on new years - (or we did last year and then did it this year - it's a great ritual, don't you think? yay! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend... happy 2009! it will be a good one :)


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