Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Secret Shot

I have been trying for months to get this photo. BayLee has the same routine every morning. Tim leaves for work and he lays in bed with me, usually at my feet. Once my alarm goes off we both wake up, I get out of bed, BayLee stirs a bit and then stretches long and slowly moves into the spot where my pillow meets the quilt. I have to hurry and make the bed around him so his fur is not touching my pillow (allergies). I usually putter around, drink tea, take a shower and do my morning stuff and when I walk back in the bedroom to get dressed BayLee is usually there in the "acorn" position (you should know I have a ton of names for yoga cat moves). Every time I go to get my camera he wakes up and lays like this with his eyes wide open (creepy) - this time he stayed a asleep allowing me to take this photo. I took the pic, walked back into the kitchen to put my camera down and went back into the bedroom and there he was sitting straight up on the bed like he knew something had happened. I had to giggle, he went back to sleep.

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