Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy Week

It's already Thursday - my goodness!
Here is a quick run down of my highlights from the week so far:

Monday - worked all day, went to CostCo to get fruit salad and mixed green salad fixins (found organic stuff which made me happy) for dinner the next night at the Maltese Club.
Tuesday - worked all day, went to Maltese Club (I was hosting dinner with two other ladies) - we served Quiche, Green Salad, Fruit Salad and Rolls. It was really good and fun too!
Wednesday - worked all day, got my personal laptop repaired (yeah!), went home and made dinner and relaxed.
Thursday - far so good.

PS - got a zoom lens for my new camera on Monday and have not even been able to play with it yet!
PSS - bathroom is still in a shambles - landlord came and broke through the wall in my shower to discover more damage than he had thought and is now re-grouting the tile. We will see, last time he said he was re-grouting, he just sealed the tile without cleaning first and any mold that was there got sealed in!

Hey - did anyone notice my dashed line under my posts? Took me a while to get it set up (not knowing how to speak html, but am slowly learning).

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