Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dead Show Glow

I call the day after a Dead Show, the Dead Show Glow, still jazzed from the music the night before. My one wish was that my friend Brady was here in CA to see it with me! I had fun with Tim though, we did not sit still the entire time (or at least I didn't, I thought everyone else was moving too!).

The show last night was incredible. I had seen a show with my Dad a few months prior to the one they showed so it was fun to see how the Dead were in 1989, after all that was 21 years ago and I needed a reminder (I was 14 in 1989 although I still remember most of the set list from that show in Ann Arbor, MI). The keyboardist Brent Mydland stole the show, I have to say. It was awesome to see Jerry Garcia again too. Haunting knowing that both of them have since passed away, Brent not too long after this show (died in 1990 of an overdose). Hearing them sing certain lyrics about life, and making changes was eerie to say the least ("I know that the life I'm livin' is no good..." and "I'll get up and fly away") - those lyrics are different when the people singing them are no longer with us. Jerry gave me chills singing "Standing on the Moon", there was a purple light behind him and gave him this violet halo that shot out of the tips of his silver hair. Just amazing. I won't gush too much. If you are Deadhead and have been to shows prior to 1990, you know that I am talking about, I believe it is called magic.

They had a brief intermission during the show and they asked a number of trivia questions (mostly Dead related) and I answered one of them and won a box set of the show! Awesome! Funny thing was, everyone there was pretty much stoned except for us and the question that I answered was, "what were we just talking about?" - hilarious!

Had to add these photos too - there was a Red Wings game last night that I wanted to check the score on and as we walked up the theater, this was across the street...
PS - Red Wings won last night 3-0 against Phoenix!


pomegranate seed said...

how fun! the summer i was supposed to finally go to my first dead show in chicago, jerry garcia passed away... so sad - great to see you can relive it, even if only on screen!

The Maltese Kat said...

Too bad Sara, I saw a LOT of shows with Jerry, thanks to my Dad getting me a head start and taking me to my first show in the 80's and letting me travel to see them in the midwest when I was a teenager.
It was awesome!


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