Monday, April 26, 2010

The House That Built Me

My childhood home is for sale.
Right after my Mom sent me a photo of the house with the "For Sale" sign today, The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert was on the radio - I had never heard it before and what timing! I was ok with the photo and the sign in front of the house (I suppose), but this song...really? Too much on a Monday morning. I had to do some math in my head to make the tears stop so I could get into my office and work (a little something I learned along the way through life).
Mom and Em, if you watch this, grab a tissue or maybe not - I am a softee.


Angela said...

Is that really your home? It's beautiful, what a great place to grow up. I'm sorry you are losing it. It will be nice for your parents to not shovel snow and be closer to you, though.
love you and miss you,

The Maltese Kat said...

That will always be my home. All 960 square feet of it! How can a house that small hold all of my memories? It was a great place to grow up. There were some tough times, but because of my parents being open with us we all got through them together.

I am excited for my parents to move closer to me and be in better weather and I totally support that - just really weird thinking about that house being gone. There are so many memories there.

I always imagined taking my kid(s) there to visit and sharing with them the things I did as a kid. Just another reminder that, that not really happening. Anyway, moving on....have to think postive and not get stuck in all of that.
Just sad to think that I probably will not be going back there much after the month of June.


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