Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

I had a work event today up in San Rafael, it was nice, but my mind was on it being Veteran's Day. I started my day by calling my own personal hero, my Dad and wishing him a good day. I was thinking about the war we are in, the men and women that we have lost overseas and as of late, in this county on their own base. The fact that the entire day went on without anyone acknowledging the holiday really made me upset and mad, I didn't know how to channel that energy. I was on my way home and as I drove into San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge, I saw that the Veteran's Cemetery in the Presidio was all lined in flags and I was drawn in. I didn't know how to exactly get to there, but found my way 20 minutes before the gates closed. I parked my car, got out, had a good cry and a rigorous walk, said a prayer and felt better but still have things to get off my chest.

It bothers me that as a nation this day is not looked at like other holiday's when it is a holiday itself. It bothers me that we are a country at war and people are too busy to get fired up about it. It bothers me that the media shields us from what is really going on in the world and at the same time sensationalizes the little things that don't have any impact on our lives. It bothers me that I feel helpless most of the time as to what action to take, what will make a difference, what will work, I am only one person. I do my best to thank every Veteran I know on Veteran's Day - I just feel like a bigger statement needs to be made and maybe that needs to come from me, I don't know. I don't support the war, but support those who are over there fighting in it - it is a mess.

Dad, Jess, and the entire TOP crew, thank you for your service and welcome home. For those of you who spent Veteran's Day 2004 in Vietnam with TOP 202, I will never forget that special evening in Ha Long Bay. I love you all.


Angela said...

Well said, Kater! I appreciate everyone's service and don't understand why our men and women don't get more moral, financial, emotional support. It's a disgrace really. I wish this nightmare of a war!
Love you and your pop!
Thank you Chuck!

Angela said...

war was over!
Forgot the last part of my sentence.

pomegranate seed said...

i agree - here in nz, one thing i've admired is the support they have for what is the equivalent here, ANZAC (Australia-new zealand army corps) day - and cam has gone to the sunrise service nearly every year of his life... i went with him last year (pre-baby) and it was amazing to see such support - apparently (can you believe this:) growing in numbers of people turning out at dawn to support and remember their veterans... it was really moving and touching... to see all the veterans from all the wars all dressed up, marching to the war memorial (every town has one, and it seems every biggish-town has a service)... and all the people who turned out - young, old, families, so many! it amazes me...thought you'd like to hear an expat's experience overseas with a similar day...

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks ladies.
Sara, that is incredible! I love hearing that. We could use more of that here in the US or at least in California.
XO - Katie


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