Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Heart Classic Party Rentals

I have to plug Classic Party Rentals. I had one of the most fun meetings I have ever had on Friday, and yes, it was for work. I have never been to a party rental place before so if you have, you may want to stop reading now since you already know how insanely fun it is. Due to the fact that this was my first time I was super excited to see all of the choices of china, glasses, tableclothes, chairs, etc. I love to entertain and super love decor and design, so this place was right up my alley. I met my sales contact who I have been working with (over the phone) for a while now, but we had never met so that was cool too, I love putting a face and voice together. I told her my theme, showed her my inspiration board I made and away she went pulling table clothes, napkins, glasses and silverware. Below is what we came up with for an Indian themed awards ceremony and dinner I am planning for work. I have planned this event for 9 years now and this is the first time I am giving more input regarding color, floral and food and it has been pretty fun so far (I am not holding my breath though; things are bound to get crazy as we get closer). I loved getting to "play" with everything, put together a mock table setting. I would like to include napkin rings, but my fear is that at an event for over 100 people, they will get lost, but I had to photograph them, because they match the look so well - I like the gold with the fuchsia a lot!

We also picked out setting for our office holiday party (not as exciting as the Indian themed party), but still just as fun to view everything and mix and match until I had settled on a combination I liked.

After meeting for over and hour and chatting it up, I am packing my bag and as she handed me her card, I ask her about her last name and guess what? She is Maltese! I love it! B, if you are reading, welcome to my blog, hope you don't mind me gushing over Classic - thanks for all of your help.

PS - still getting used to the new editor in blogger - I love that I can move my photos anywhere I want them, but most of you know, I am the WORST speller ever and there is no spell check! I may go back to the old version by the end of the week.

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