Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Advent Calendar

This year we are making a paper chain advent calendar like we had when I was growing up. Oh, as a kid I could not wait each morning to "pick the chain" and see which activity would reveal itself when the chain link was removed. I remember having to take turns and sometimes my Mom or Dad would let us kids pick in their place. So funny how just getting to "pick the chain" made me feel like I was taking care of a really super important task each day, you would have thought I was raising the flag at daybreak at the Lincoln Memorial or something.

This year we have decided to start some traditions of our own, instead of waiting until we have kids around. Really, we are our own little family so there is no time like the present to start things. I figure I would rather have these things in place so if for some reason we never have kids we can still say we have family traditions.

I saw this advent calendar in my Country Living Magazine last night, maybe next year we will make one like this. I have 9 matchboxes so far (I knew I was saving them for something, just didn't know what until I saw this), so I am on my way. I think I would put my numbers in order though with 25 at the top.

Check it out...


pomegranate seed said...

yes! love it... love the matchbox idea - since we are going to be moving internationally i imagine, i wanted something small, lightweight, and packable! (hence envelopes this year) - but able to evolve into something else - it's what's inside that matters. and of course, aurora is too little to participate - so it's really just for cam and i anyway! no need for kids to start traditions - you guys are family! it's a great way to celebrate the coming of the season, rather than put all the significance into one day, right? ours is all 'activities' as quite frankly i couldn't think up 25 gifts plus christmas gifts as well! plus they'll be things we'll do every year! so great that you're doing one too :) i'm actually stuck for 2 more ideas - any tips? miss you :)

The Maltese Kat said...

Ours is all activities as well, that is what it was when I was a child too. Here are some that we have on our chain (which I am going to contruct today).
- Purchase Christmas Cards
- Write Christmas Cards
- Mail Christmas Cards
- Make Chex Mix
- Make Fudge
- Pack boxes for families
- Watch "It's A Wonderful Life"
- Put up tree
- Decorate House
- Drive around and look at lights
- Visit Macy's Window's Downtown

They are all really simple, I mean, I am taking three days to do all Holiday cards to fill space - ha ha! I am excited to do it though, should be fun.
I think starting Dec. 1 on my blog, I will write at the bottom of my post, ADVENT = the event of the day listed.

Have fun!
Miss you too!


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