Saturday, November 07, 2009

Morocco in Malta

I had to do a follow up to my last post. My Mom and I went to this Moroccan interior store while in Malta. Ilene told us about it and I was super excited to check it out. The prices were incredible (due to Malta's proximity to Morocco, a lot closer to it then California); it's a good thing I had to fly back or I would have literally bought the entire store and redecorated my place from my suitcases. If you are ever in Valletta and want to check out a super cool store than spans over 4 floors in an old limestone building, go to: Maroque 95/96 Old Bakery Street.


Angela said...

I would have bought the entire store too! Gorgeous stuff, thanks for sharing. Road trip to Malta anyone? :)

The Maltese Kat said...

I am in - geeze, I wish we could drive there!
XO - Kater


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