Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why Don't You?...Maltese Kat Style

That was fast, here is mine! I could have gone on for pages and pages - but these are HOT on my list right now. I am no Sarah Jessica Parker, but I hope you still enjoy it!

Why Don't You?
The Maltese Kat shares her tips for a fun and fabulous life.

  • Eat dinner at the table at least 5 days a week. No distractions, just dinner and conversation. If you are alone, even better...just enjoy your meal in silence. Either way, you will digest better sitting at the table.

  • Carry a compact/packable shopping bag in your purse or car at all times in case you stop on the way home for groceries (or whatever, really).

  • Write in a journal at least 3 times a week. It is like therapy. Just you, your favorite pen and journal. You will learn incredible amounts of interesting things about yourself. Need someone to just listen and not give you their opinion? Have a secret you a dieing to release? Write it down, you will feel incredible. Just think how fun it will be to look back when you are 80! I have learned many lessons by writing in a journal.

  • Use coupons for as much as you can! There is no shame in my game, I scour the Internet for them all the time. I am not brand loyal so I have probably saved hundreds of dollars this year so far.

  • If you don't like what's in the store, MAKE IT YOURSELF. Nothing is as satisfying as making something yourself whether it be a meal, a blanket or a scarf. If you don't know how to make it, take a class or ask someone to teach you.

  • Trade when possible. You teach someone something, they teach you something. You babysit for them, they cat sit (in my case) for you. I love trading - I owe Ali over at Lostfoot a trade and she is in Scotland (Ali, I have not forgotten).

  • Pass your already read books on...are you really going to read them again?

  • Drink a TON of water each day. Your entire body will perform a lot better for a lot longer when its well moisturized.

  • Read blogs! Learn about other people, try their recipes and ideas. You never know what you might pick up and incorporate into your everyday life. I am constantly inspired by the blogs I read.

  • Get together with your girlfriends for a weekend at least once a year. The time together is amazing, rejuvenating and priceless.

  • Take time for yourself even if you don't think you need it. Do something for yourself each day even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to have some time alone in silence to clear your head and check in with yourself. Tell yourself you are fabulous, thank your eyes for seeing you through another day, thank you hands for working, thank your feet for carrying you around.


Angela said...

I have to agree with what you have said and SJP.

I love the library, we use it weekly.

We cook everyday and try to eat dinner with conversation but there are usually toys and whining involved.

Along with coupons, if anything is on sale that we use regularly I always buy 2 or 3 and store or freeze depending on what it is.

I think that's it.
Great post, love you,

pomegranate seed said...

love this post katie :)
totally agree... and yes, we too use the library weekly. um, sometimes i'm in there a few times a week as it's our daily walk when the weather permits... i checkout magazines (as they're atrociously expensive in nz - think $15+ an issue!) and books and movies and cds...

i'd have to say the passing on the books - great idea - except for the ones you reread (there are my few)... also with just 'stuff' in general...

i remember reading someplace that in regards to items you own (clothes, etc.), if you do not love it, find it useful, or feel that it uplifts your spirit when you look at it (including gifts given that you keep out of guilt), donate it - give it away - sell it - whatever - because someone else may just love it and use it more than you... i'm working on that myself, but it was good advice :)

and today, while rory napped, instead of doing dishes, laundry, cleaning up toys, etc. took a shower. i know - probably not that earth-shattering, but for me - a big deal to take time for myself to even do that during the day... that last one is such good advice, that we often forget to do.

thank you for the inspiration!
xxoo miss you

Raquel said...

Love, the inspiration as well Katie! The last one on your list kicks booty. I don't give my body nearly the credit it deserves for getting me through each day (relatively) pain free. And because it's in decent working order and does what I need it to do I give it the least attention. Very, very good reminder, thank you : )

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks for all the comments ladies!
Sending much love to all of you, in Colorado, Austin and New Zeland.
XO - Katie

The Maltese Kat said...

One more thing...
Sara, I have learned from Angela how incredible it is to get a nice long hot shower when you have a little one at home so it sounds just wonderful to me! Any way you can indulge yourself, do it!
XO - Katie


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