Sunday, July 05, 2009

One Large Hat

The Babe took this photo of me while trying on the largest brimmed hat I have ever seen.

I guess if I ever make it to Celebrity Status, I will need one of these to throw the paparazzi off.


robin said...

I think it looks fabulous and I think you need to get it for the Beach house! Remember Beach House #1 and the CRAZY hats you found in the closet..."What's happenin', jive chicken?"

The Maltese Kat said...

That was classic! Me all dressed in tie dye wearing that crazy hat -I have photos of that too!
XO - Kater

Angela said...

Hey Jive Turkey,
Too funny, where were you?
It's a bit flying nun, though I think you can pull it off.

The Maltese Kat said...

It was at Whole Foods Market - I was thinking about getting it when I get paid, but only if it was black and white, but it is brown and white and won't go with as much.
Maybe it will go on sale when summer is over and I can have it for next year!
XO - Kater


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