Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Thank you for being in my dream last night. I am sure they have wireless now up there so you able to read my blog and keep up with me as an adult.
I miss picking up fallen crab apples in the backyard with you, Ernie Harwell on the radio in the background. I always tried to sneak throwing them in the alley instead of the bucket, I don't know why, but it was more fun to throw them and try to hit a dumpster. Maybe you knew that, but never said anything because perhaps I was working on my pitching arm!
I miss playing bumper pool in your basement, but am glad you taught me how because we have a table here at work that I can play on.
I miss trying to sneak into your candy jar and grab a handful of spicettes or Kraft Carmel's without making a sound, that lid was noisy!
I miss the funny noises you used to make and your sayings, "fat cat skilly rat".
I miss you Grandpa. You were the only Grandpa I ever knew and were taken away too soon, before we really got to know each other.
Do you have Sanders Carmel Cake and Rays Vanilla ice cream in Heaven? I sure hope so!


Angela said...

This is really sweet. What a great picture and post! Another Cancer too!

The Maltese Kat said...

Thanks Ang - yes, another great cancer.
XO - Katie

Anonymous said...

I'm with you always. "Fatcatskillyrat"
Love from above,
Botcho (The Original)

The Maltese Kat said...

I knew they had wireless up there!
Love you Botcho!


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