Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tongue Tied

Last night on my way home from work I stopped at the local grocery to pick up a few things so I could make dinner the next couple nights at home. I got to the produce section and there she was, Katita Waldo of San Francisco Ballet. My stomach did a little flip flop, I did not see her face but knew it was her by the body and the hair. I had seen her speak at a Pointe of View lecture in 2008 and thought she was super cool, great sense of humor and so deeply talented and a trait I love...animated! Well, I was just standing there with my jaw down to my naval staring at her, willing her to turn around so I could say something. Inner voice: come on, turn around, I know who you are, you are incredible, we shook hands once remember? Wait...what am I going to say? I should go into another aisle and rehearse something, oh come on, turn around!

A brief twist of her long neck and we were face to face...her; beautiful, tall, bird like...me; sweating a little, short (in comparison) and tree stump like. Before I could even think about it a noise came out of my mouth that sort of sounded like, "Hiiieeeeegh". Inner voice: Great. Fabulous. Sounds good Katie. Now walk away, just walk away and don't say anything anymore to anyone, period. Silly, she is just a person, come on now. Now walk away. But wait, she said "Hi" back. Oh my God, this is incredible I thought, now end it, now walk away. But I can't. I look at the greens trying to make a decision, she continued shopping but left her little basket at the produce section and came back to drop things in it. Kale or Swiss Chard? Swiss Chard...crap, I can't get the damn soaking wet Swiss Chard in the plastic bag so I am shoving it in there, shaking the bag hoping for one small gift from gravity allowing my greens to sink into the bag. Not happening. In the mean time I have completely covered the front of my shirt with water droplets from my brief wrestling match with the defiant but pretty leafy greens. She drops another thing into her cart and strolls away. I have to be done with this by the time she comes back, I look like an idiot. In that moment, the Swiss Chard gave in and decided to take shelter from my shaking and settle into the bag, finally. Now walk away. I wonder for a brief moment, what does a ballet dancer eat during the off season. I bet it's still super healthy. Now walk away. I tell myself do not under any circumstance look into her basket, it will only make you feel bad. It will make you think you should not get the eggs, cheese and turkey bacon (that I covered with my bag of greens, just in case she looked) in the bottom of your basket. Now walk away. DO NOT LOOK. I tried not to, but I did and guess what...big surprise, I felt bad. I finally walked away.

I looked back and she was helping an eldery man who dropped onions on the floor, then I heard him asking her about what onions are best and she was so sweet telling him what onions she used for salads and what onions she cooked. Ugh, I should have said something other than "Hiiieeeeegh", which seemed to repeat through my head the rest of the night.
Folks, I don't really get star struck very often. Having years of ballet classes under my belt allowed this to happen. I know how hard they work, I know how long the road is to get where they are when they join a company, I have nothing but admiration for them.
I also have the ability to turn into a total marshmallow around them.


Angela said...

This post is hilarious because I would have done the same thing if I say a famous person. I know nothing about ballet but she looks pretty incredible in those pictures. I once saw Benjamin Bratt at the movie theaters in the City and wanted to tell him that I loved him on Law and Order but chickened out! Hey, she must be your neighbor! Why else would she be at your local market? Stalk her!
Love you,

The Maltese Kat said...

So funny! Glad I am not the only one. Funny thing is I have seen her around but never was THIS close before. We are all humans, not sure what comes over us at times like this.
Love you!


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