Thursday, July 09, 2009

That One Thing

You know when there is that one thing you have meant to buy yourself for what seems like forever? That one thing that will make your life so much better? That one thing Sara told you was so fabulous 3 years ago and you had to get one but never did? That one thing that you have gone online and looked at, picked out the right color and put in your shopping cart but just never purchased? That one thing that you have seen in stores, touched, and thought to yourself, next time I am here I will get it? That one thing that may have seemed too expensive for what it was, but also seemed the like the answer to some of your wishes? That one thing you just couldn't justify splurging on for yourself?

Well, I got that one thing from my parents for my Birthday and I can't EVEN tell you how excited I am to try it out. It is a Yogitoes skidless yoga towel to go over my mat during my practice. I am constantly sliding all over the place because my palms and feet sweat like crazy. The bonus is, they got me the one that is a double whammy for me - turquoise (one of my favorite colors and the color of the fifth chakra - my throat/thyroid) and it has Ganesha on it, remover of obstacles who I adore! Funny thing is I have been looking at this necklace with him on it too and the other day one of my coworkers left a little Ganesha tin on my desk. Maybe he knows I need him right now so he has decided to make his presence known (via presents, ha!). I am trying to get rid of stuff in my life that has no purpose or meaning, you know stuff that is just stuff. Seems like I am always doing that, I know. I have come to realize that I am my biggest obstacle, my friend Jadin is notorious for reminding me that I need to get over myself first and foremost and I love her for it. Can you believe that also used paper that matched the gift, could have been just a coincidence, but it was wrapped in dark turquoise paper with a gold ribbon around it!

Thanks Mom and Dad, I love it and love your Namaste message in the card, you are two of the coolest parents ever! Wish I would have packed my yoga clothes today so I could take a class after work!

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pomegranate seed said...

woohoo! Yogitoes! (and on Amazon no less - who would have guessed?) as a once nearly daily user of the product - i have to say enjoy it! i'm sure there are 'instructions' but be sure to dampen it (i often would use my water bottle) as you'll slide right off it without it being just a touch damp... and sometimes, if i was headed to class on days back to back (ha ha - i laugh at that now as i haven't done a yoga class in months and months and months!) sometimes even if it was still damp on the drying rack that was when it was the best for practicing on! enjoy! oh, you're inspiring me to get off my butt and practice. i just ordered janet stone's 2 dvds and got them (via mom & dad)... now to find the time!
happy early b-day!!!!!


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