Friday, July 17, 2009

Orange Rug

My new rug with quality control officer giving it a once over.

Cost Cutter Tip - check Ebay for name brand items after they leave the pages of your favorite catalogs. I got this rug for 1/4 the original listed price (last year in the Pottery Barn catalog) and it is brand new (came in the original packaging, sealed with cleaning instructions included and I got free shipping FedEx). Some companies have outlet stores and when things don't move they put the items on Ebay or their employees buy them and list them, not sure how it all works but the person I bought this from only sold Pottery Barn items.
Another great place is, they have great stuff for a fraction of the regular retail asking price.

Rugs are expensive and the Babe and I settled on one for the winter to keep our feet warm but a rag rug is not good in our living space, moves too much and was too large but for $40 at Ikea, it worked for the winter. I am super excited that we finally got a real nice hand tufted wool rug! Can't wait to clean my floors and lay it down this weekend!


robin said...

Love it! I also find great pottery barn stuff, etc on craigslist!

The Maltese Kat said...

Nice - I am going to check that out next time I am on the search for something. NO reason in today's economy to pay full price.
XO - Katie


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