Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

Sunday night and just taking a moment to reflect on my awesome weekend!
Saturday morning I slept in until about 8 and then went to the market with Tim and came home and had breakfast and then got ready to go out with Debbie. I went to Oakland to hang out a with Debbie, check out her garden and visit with Taffy (her kitty) and then we headed out for lunch at Citron in Rockridge. We had such a nice mellow lunch, great conversation and then decided to take a little walk down College and poke around in some of the shops. The weather was incredible, sun was out, not too hot and not a cloud in the sky. After schlepping around Rockridge we decided to go to the biggest Longs Drugs on the planet (now CVS, but signs still read Longs Drugs). Debbie had heard about it and I wanted to check it out...well, 2 hours later we emerged and it was already 6:00 PM! This Longs is on Broadway in Oakland and literally has everything you would ever need; produce, fabric, yarn, gardening supplies, hardware and everything else a normal drug store would carry (health and beauty aids, medicine, etc.). Funny thing, they had a mini international candy section and they had the Milk N Honees I mentioned in my last post! After the drug store, I dropped Debbie off at home and headed back to the city. Tim and I had a mellow night at home after setting up my pulley system clothes line outside my back door (I got all the components at the drug store).
Sunday, woke up at about 8 and packed our bags for the beach. Our goal was to be out of the house by 9 and we left 10 minutes early! We wanted to get to the beach before the crowds even if it meant sitting there wrapped in a blanket for an hour before it heated up. We stopped on our way in Mill Valley at Whole Foods Market and got some sandwiches for lunch (and some water and chips). I know a short cut to Stinson Beach that avoids Highway 1 so we took that and were at the beach about 15 minutes later. Our timing was perfect, we got free parking on the street and walked to the beach. It was clear and sunny at 10:40 AM no having to endure the fog burn off before baking under the sun. We set up our chairs and blanket, read our books, people watched and ate lunch. It was incredible. Super warm and sunny outside. I had been checking the weather for days and it paid off! At about 1:40 PM for the first time in our beach going history Tim said, "I think we should go, I am getting burned." Ironic thing is Tim was just saying a couple hours earlier when I offered him sunscreen that he never burns, he just gets darker (he is already pretty dark naturally). Poor guy, the combination of the wind and sun got him more on one side than another. We headed back to the city, beat the traffic and stopped on the way home for some ice cream that we will have in a few minutes. It was a great day, I love the beach, I love hanging out with Tim and I loved that I may have somewhat restored my fading Greek tan!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

PS - my clothesline ROCKS - hung some clothes that I washed when we got home.

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