Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old School Candle Maker

Thought I would share a story about a candle shop in Patra that we visited while in Greece. They have supplied the local places of worship with their candles for 100 years (their anniversary is this year). The candle maker is a wiry, disheveled looking man who wore a sweatshirt covered in wax colors. The shop is incredible, they sell colored candles and candles with hand painted (with wax) designs on them but their specialty is the long beeswax and white candles that are used in most of the churches in the area - no electric flickering candles like in the US. I am assuming the bunches of candles wrapped in paper on the counter and in the cabinets are orders waiting to be picked up.
The candle man was so patient with us, let me take photos and gave Frankie a little beeswax candle to bend and play with as we walked around. The amazing thing about these candles are, you can fold them completely in half and they do not break. I didn't get the name of this little shop or the proprietor, but he was so nice and so helpful. We bought some holy essences and charcoal disks to burn it on. I was so amazed at this little shop, I did not see a computer anywhere to keep inventory, orders or anything, it was completely old school. The man was so nice, walked us to the door when he left and watched us walk down the street.

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