Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Want Candy!

Wendy went away last weekend and brought back some candy for me from a vintage candy store. I love candy, crave candy and dream about candy! Not the chocolate type though, funny thing, I am not a big chocolate fan but love chocolates in a box, like See's. For more on that, read my Do You See's What I See's post.

Besides candy in the bag there was a fun fake mustache, which I also super love. I think it is because my Dad has always had a mustache and I used to have one before my laser hair removal (ha ha!).

One thing inside my little baggie of treats brought back a million memories of working at the Berkley Health Food Store in my hometown. The Ambrosoli Milk N Honees. I had not seen or thought about these since I was a teen. I used to love them and I am sure I still do (I have not had one yet). I must have bought a pack of these a day and kept them in my apron pocket to suck on while stocking vitamins at the health food store. Funny what a little packet of candy can bring back, I could even smell the health food store (it had a distinct smell, not bad, just a smell). I also remember a water machine there that was literally like drinking from an ice berg the water was so cold. The water machine wasn't there when i worked there, but as a kid I loved going there with my Mom and drinking the water out of a white paper cone.
Here is a list of my favorite vintage candies:
  • Black Jack
  • Black Licorice
  • Clove Gum
  • Mary Jane
  • Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • Spicettes/Spice Drops
  • Necco Wafers
  • Bit O'Honey
  • Abba Zabba
What are some of yours?


pomegranate seed said...

hey great to see you back with posts :) i loved (though now they kind of gross me out) those candies that you would eat off a piece of paper? they were like colored dots that sometimes even tasted like paper now that i think about it - because inevitably the paper would stick to the candy... i think it was the novelty of candy on paper (hmm. future paper/book artist even then!)...

The Maltese Kat said...

I love those too - they tasted like hardend frosting. Once I read that I was thinking the same thing, about the paper/book artist. You loved paper so much you consumed it!So ironic I love it!
XO - Katie


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