Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabulous Find - Fur Fighter

Have you seen the commercial for the 3M Fur Fighter yet? If not, check it out - click here. I saw it a couple weeks ago and thought, I have to try that! I forgot about it for a while and then went on the 3M site and found that they are offering the starter pack (a $10 value) for free, you pay only the shipping, it cost me $2.50. I love a good deal and saving what ever money I can these days.

I got it in the mail yesterday, one week after I ordered it, which I think it pretty quick. I ripped it open last night and cleaned my couch, bed and BayLee's climber and it ROCKS! Refills are $4.99 or less online for 8. I am actually going to see if I can rinse the pads next time I use one, you never know right?
Added bonus - the West Highland Terrier on the package is super cute and one of my favorite dogs, I want one!

1 comment:

Angela said...

I've given up on the battle of the fur at our house because the fur has won. We have too many furry critters here. I love that you got this for free, though! My aunt in Germany wants one W.H.T too, it's her favorite dog.
Love you,


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