Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maltese Social Club Report

So, my Maltese has sort of fallen along the wayside - time to get out my flashcards and have Wendy start testing me again on my lunch break! Nothing like the reminder I got last night, everyone around me speaking Maltese and asking me to respond, ha ha! Next challenge, next month we are playing bingo and they are calling the numbers out in Maltese! Awesome.
Anyway, we had a very nice time, finger food and wine to start of the night and of course the socializing before the meeting. The meeting starting and of course the socializing kept on going, it is sort of organized chaos if I may say so myself.
Anyway, we talked about upcoming events, Father's Day Brunch, Prime Minister of Malta's visit in September and who is doing what at future meetings. I am bringing a dessert for the meeting in July so I will have to think of something fabulous. I am running the meeting in November or basically, hosting the meeting. We are going to have a potluck so I will ask for volunteers in September since I will miss the meeting in October.
My one wish for the Maltese American Social Club is that they get some more young folks in there to stir things up, bring in some new ideas and plan some different events for the people. I love it there and feel so lucky to be in an area with a high Maltese population, what are the odds? Funny when I moved here from Detroit I had no idea that this was the other highly populated Maltese area in the United States. Lucky me!

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