Tuesday, June 30, 2009

J'dore John Derian

Just cruising some design sites and was reminded of my super love for John Derian. I would love to have a wall full of his decoupage plates one day! I would probably have to win a ton of money though because they are not cheap, that is for sure, but they are so delicious. I could look at them all day.
Here are some of my favorites at this moment - there are so many...I honestly wouldn't turn any of them down, that is for sure. They are timeless, fun and quirky, check out his site when you have lots of time to dream.


Angela said...

I spy a strawberry plate in that collection! How fantastic! Love the Crabby plate too.
Miss you,

The Maltese Kat said...

I super love the stawberry plate, but not the price! That is one of the more expensive ones since it is large. They are felt backed to, so you can't even use them, they are display only plates, but I still super love all of them!
XO - Katie


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