Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by way too fast, as always.

Friday night Tim and I hit the ice from 9-11 PM and each got pretty good workouts in. I have to say only in San Francisco would there be a group of people (men and women) who show up at the rink at about 9:45 PM dressed in costumes like figure skaters would wear, but they obviously were not figure skaters. Once they hit the ice, Tim and I realized that "Blades of Glory" was on that night so maybe that inspired their crazy costumes and attempt at pairs ice skating. Some of them could skate, one was in goalie skates (funny looking skates), silver spandex pants with a speedo over top and a beaded top with one sleeve removed. It was crazy and you should have seen their skate moves - one guy in front would lift his leg up and the guy behind would grab his skate blade and lift his leg up too. There were a lot of wipe outs, Hilarious! It was hard to concentrate on my own skating because of the circus that surrounded us but I still got some good cardio in. For the first time since we have been skating the last couple months, they stopped everyone at 10PM and asked that we go the other way around. It was so weird because I can't do crossovers the other way around, but figured it out pretty fast. It was a fun night out with Tim, getting exercise and laughing so hard.

Saturday, we just hung out at home for the most part. I took a nap from 3:30-6:00 PM which is totally unlike me, I don't nap well, I sleep at night and that is about it, but I must have needed it. If you must know, I went into my bedroom to watch my new BBC series (you may know from past posts, that I am moving through a lot of them and have loved each one I have made my way through). The one I am watching now is "Monarch of the Glen" and I super love the main charactor, Archie McDonald, he is so cute. The series takes place in the Scottish Highlands (a place where Tim would like to vacation) and the terrain is really breathtaking. I fell asleep while watching it, when I woke up I had a hankering for Mexican food so we went out for dinner and a walk around Target before going home. A pretty uneventful day, but so nice.

Sunday, I had planned on going to my studio to work on some books, but woke up super late and realized the USA - Canada Hockey game was on at Noon and not 2 PM like I had thought. So, I was strapped to the couch from 12-3 watching the game. It was incredible USA didn't win, but it was really close, and my stomach was in knots. When the game was over (ended in sudden death overtime), I wanted to skate. So, we went skating during the 4-5:30 session. There were so many kids on the ice after their skating lessons, it was a bit like dodging bullets. Still fun, but we had to be super careful, I think since kids don't drive, they don't think about what may be going on beside them or behind them so you have to be ready for sudden moves. Tim got knocked down by a lady who couldn't stop, which totally made me mad. We were both standing along the side of the ice and I was showing him something on my skate when all of the sudden this lady is coming towards us (probably hoping to stop herself on the boards) I look at her arms flopping around and she is saying "sorry, sorry, sorry...." and before I know it she has grabbed onto Tim's jacket and taken him down in her attempt to stop. No, she did not fall, but I shot some serious poison arrows at her with my eyes - she knew I was mad. We steered clear of her the rest of the session. Afterwards we went to Whole Foods Market to make salads at the salad bar and took them home to eat. I went to bed early because today was the first day of Yoga @ Work. Yes, you heard that right, my boss is having a Yoga instructor come to the office every Monday from 7:30 - 8:45 to teach Yoga to whoever wants to take class. I have not taken a Yoga class in forever so was a bit nervous, but did well. My shoulders will be sore tomorrow though for sure.

Hopefully, I am back to posting more often, not sure what came over me there, but think I am over it.

I hope I still have readers and hope you all had a nice weekend and have a lovely week ahead.

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Angela said...

I'm always here. Your weekend sounds great and Yoga @ Work sounds fantastic! Kudos to your boss!
Love and miss you,


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