Tuesday, March 23, 2010


All set to leave on time this morning and move my car before the street cleaners come and I get ticketed. I emerge from my safe warm house out into the street to face the world, turn around to lock the door behind me to find that someone has tagged our front door. Really? Is there not enough paper in the world to write on that they have to use my front door? In the past it has been my door and the garage door, this time just the door. As I assess the situation, I see the meter maid coming down the street and my car is the only one still parked like a sitting duck so I race to my car, jump in and park in the drive way while I try to clean the door. I grab my tagging arsenal (yes, I have one, I live it the big city); Mr Clean Magic Sponge and Method All Purpose Cleaner (pink grapefruit scent of course) and head back outside to the seen of the crime. First I spray with the spray cleaner and then I use the damp magic sponge and to my surprise it works like a charm. This wasn't spray paint, I could tell by looking and I have to say I have a vast knowledge of art supplies so I knew it would be easier to remove than spray paint but still took some mighty strong elbow grease. My fingernails and tips are worn down and pasty - not sure what the magic sponge is made of, not sure I want to know, but it works! I try to steer clear of chemicals in my home, but have some Lysol wipes as a last resort if I need them, but didn't need to break them out this time around.
I clean up, get in my car and drive down the street and consider myself lucky when I notice two of the neighbors houses have gotten it a lot worse and will need to repaint.
Where do these people come from that think it is alright to tag all over other people's property? Makes me want to stick giant post-it notes all over the neighborhood because apparently there is a paper shortage.

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Angela said...

That is a crappy way to start the day, I'm so sorry! Hopefully that will not happen again.
Love you,


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