Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday in the Park

Robin and Kenny came over yesterday and we had a great day around the city.
The day began with me baking a Blueberry Buckle and brewing some coffee so we would have something yummy in our bellies before starting our day. After clearing our plates of all the sweet crumbs left behind from the buckle and finishing our last drops off coffee, we headed out.

Our first stop was The Birds Nest (aka my studio). I had some things to drop off and was going to wait until sometime during the week, but Robin wanted to check it out and that is all I needed to hear, so we drove over. We headed up while Tim and Kenny waited in the car.

Our second stop was Golden Gate Park for a little tramp through the park to see what we could see. We parked by Spreckles Lake and walked around it, looking at the birds, ducks and turtles.
It was super sunny and nice outside, a welcome change from the hovering clouds and on and off rain we have been experiencing. After one round around the lake (its pretty small) we headed over the check out the buffalo pen and they were all out grazing and enjoying the sunshine.

We kept walking to North Lake and I swear, in each tree around the lake there was a cute little squirrel. They all were posing for photos as well, like they knew we wanted to get them on film. We watched them jump from tree to tree as if they were primates. When we were finished walking around North Lake we went back to the car and decided we would go out to eat in the Inner Sunset somewhere on Irving Street. We ate at Darla's Restaurant and it was deeelish. After lunch we walked around some cute little shops, one of them sold vintage candy and Kenny bought some Zots (remember Zots?), they were soo good, a blast from the past for sure. Cherry, Orange, Grape - so good all of them, I tore up the roof of my mouth eating them! Then we went on a book hunt since Robin and I had spotted 2 used book stores while we were looking for parking. I showed Robin and Kenny what I looked for in a book (in order to turn it into a journal) and they were on the job, I walked out with 4 really cool old books, one of them is French and has some great illustrations (the book is about the United States). Since we took so long in the book store, they guys then wanted to go into a store of their choice....a comic book store, my worst nightmare, I waited outside - Robin joined me not too long after entering the store. We decided we all needed to wash our hands after flipping threw so many dusty old books, but we took a scenic route home and looked at all the huge houses in St. Francis Woods. We ended the evening at our house, just hanging out and laughing super hard at some of the photos in my iphone.

It was a great day! Thanks Robin and Kenny for coming up to the city and for spending the day with us, it was super fun. Shabba!


Angela said...

Ohhhhh, that sounds awesome!
What a great day, wish I could have been there. Miss you all!

The Maltese Kat said...

Wish you were here too!
XO - Katie

robin said...

Amen, sister!
I had so much fun. I was exhausted when we got home. I think it's because I was laughing so hard. And I love the Bird's Nest. I can't wait for you to have an exhibit. I'm on the appetizers and champagne-Cristalino, of course!
Love you!

The Maltese Kat said...

Now, I just need to pump out some books so I can have a little get together and sell some!
XO - Katie

pomegranate seed said...

what a great day... love the squirrels posing... they don't have them in new zealand and i find that many kiwis are fascinated by them - cam *loves* them - they may very well be his favorite animal. it makes me laugh!


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