Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Car (Truck)

You never forget your first right?
Your first car or in my case, truck! Mine was a RED 1985 GMC Sierra 1500 (V8), bench seat, no power anything and a radio that worked only part of the time.
I have dreams that I go back to my parents house and open the garage and my truck is in the garage waiting for me (insert huge gasp here!). I spend the rest of the dream stressing out about what car to drive to work and around town between my truck and my current Jeep. Obviously, if you didn't know before this post, you now know I loved this truck. I have a framed photo of it at my house! Unfortunately, it did not move out to California with me, but I talk about it like an old friend of mine. I loved this truck so much that I cried when I sold it before leaving Michigan. I remember coming home from work the day I sold it and I looked at my mom and the second the words, "I sold it..." escaped my body, my lip quivered and I started sobbing huge crocodile tears. I think all the time about getting a new red truck, but living in the city doesn't really support that as parking would be even more difficult than it already is. Once in a while my "war pony" as she was refereed to, pays me a visit and I see her on the road. I saw this one the other day on the Bay Bridge, all shiny and restored, I am glad the owner has styled her out and keeping her in good shape. I got so excited when I saw it I wanted to give the driver a thumbs up but decided it was better not too.Ironic? I just went for a walk before finishing this post and on my walk I saw a nice white GMC Sierra brand spanking new and shiny. I don't see them as often as Ford, Chevy and Toyota so they stand out to me when they appear.

What was your first car?

PS - That is "Truck Girl" in the photo above (a name my Mom and Dad would occasionally call me after pulling into the driveway after work). The truck was so big, it would be just my head showing as I pulled in. I might have a different car now and my last name may have changed, but I am still "Truck Girl" - Grateful Dead listening, red truck loving, granola munching Truck Girl. Oh...and yes Mom, I still have this shirt sort of in one piece!


Andrea said...

1969 Chevy Caprice, blue body, black top. booming stereo.
i loved it so.

pomegranate seed said...

oh my god. *love* that pic of you katie - you look so happy - and tie-dyed! mine was a 1988 nissan 200SX - turbo and everything (woohoo)... loved that little car to zoom around in. thanks for the trip down memory lane!

The Maltese Kat said...

It was the happiest time of my life if I think about it. Not a care in the world, working at a kick ass health food store, going to Dead shows, just loving everything!


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