Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As a kid I always wanted a nickname. I played around with my name as well, I was Katie until 6th grade and then tried to go by my full name, Katherine, but it didn't stick at all. Now, as an adult I am finding that I have more nicknames than I know what to do with but I love them all!
Here they are with the origin next to them:
  • Kater (Dad)
  • Kaydra (Dad)
  • Kate (Mom - I can hear her saying "Hi Kate!" right now)
  • Scuttlebutt (my Dad called me this when I was kid)
  • M Kat (Angela)
  • Malteser (Angela)
  • Katia (Wendy)
  • Magpie (Wendy)
  • Kathy (Emily, calls me this because she knows I hate it, I call her Emma and she hates it!)
  • Sally (Jaime)

Do you have any nicknames?


robin said...

Angela's a big nickname person. She calls me Robbie. My Mom and Dad call me Boozie (I have no idea why) and my sister calls me Boo (short for Boozie)
I would like everyone to start calling me Notorious R.O.B.
Can you make that happen?
Love you!

BeBop said...

you forgot Katie-Cat! or maybe I just call you that in my head!


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