Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Made It!

Denver to Toronto = 3.5 hour flight
Toronto to Frankfurt = 7.5 hour flight
Frankfurt to Athens = 2.45 hour flight
Athens to Patras = 2.5 hour drive

Arriving in one piece, luggage in all, priceless.
Drinking my first frappe made by Christos incredible.
Ready to swim tomorrow in the sea and party for Christos birthday on Saturday - so many amazing things to look forward to.

I am beat, need to shower and drink more frappes!
I will keep blogging when I can - there is a computer here at Christina and Christos' house.

PS - please do not mind the misspellings, everything comes up as misspelled, it is a Greek computer!


Ali said...

have a lovely lovely time lady! safe adventuring!x

B said...

Take care of my family!!! What's a Frappe?

Thank you very much for keeping them company! It is easy to see why Ang loves you soo much- you are good people!


The Maltese Kat said...

Frappe - iced coffee blended with foam on top and I super love it!
I love keeping them company you never have to thank me. We are having a blast so far.
XO - Katie


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