Monday, May 25, 2009

Back from Zakynthos

That is about all I can say.
Here are some highlights:
  • The ferry ride, I am like a little kid on a boat, have to walk around and check everything out.
  • The color of the water blew my mind, I have never seen water like this before.
  • The hotel pool/bar - frappes in sunchairs...yes please!
  • Frankie's speedo
  • "Sallaba Beach Horn!" - inside joke
  • Mexican Food at a Greek restaurant, I ate Greek food
  • The cook at the restaurant
  • The drivers of the horse drawn carriages
  • Cake on my leg
  • Christos wanting to get into the pool the first night but couldn't because they added cholrine to it.
  • Baby lizard in my hotel room
  • St. Dionysius church - seeing his body after 400 years preserved in a glass tomb
  • Walking 5 miles in the heat in Zakynthos town (maybe 2.5, felt like 5)
  • Christina's ability to get us into the Byzantine ruins 20 minutes before they closed - awesome!
  • Palm Reader machine
  • Me drinking way too much carrot apple juice and getting sick - ooops!
  • Taxi Driver (movie) with Greek subtitles
  • George baking in the sun
  • Peter, "what's up dude?"
  • Diving off the end of the dock at St. Nicolas Beach with Angela and swimming back to shore
  • Mistaking a moss covered rock at the bottom of the sea for a turtle and freaking out a little bit
  • Laying in the sun spacing out watching the sea
  • Eating at Windmill restaurant - the view was incredible
  • Ferry back to Patra - talking with Peter about islands and the sea
  • Singing with George and Peter on the way back to the house
  • Sleeping in today after being drained by the sun
  • Life is good and I am in heaven!


Anonymous said...

Dang girl... you are tan. You look like a Greek Goddess! Sounds like an AMAZING island.

The Maltese Kat said...

ha ha! Could have gotten darker, but had to use the SPF 45, I don't want to get the skin cancer!


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