Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ahhh Greece...

I think I posted from Malta once with this same title. It's the Med., it makes you sit back and say "ahhhh...".
Anyway, day one here has been so great!
Last night we had pita for dinner with souvalki (soov-lah-kee again with the spelling, it's all Greek to me), tomatoes, onion, tzatziki and frech fries! Anywhere that puts french fries on a sandwich is good in my book. We stayed up pretty late drinking beer and hanging out at the dinner table on the veranda. Angela's Dad (Savvas) was here most of the evening and Mavra arrived later (his wife) followed by George (brother) who worked until 10 PM and then came over. Frankie was asleep, but the adults stayed up around the table talking - it was so nice to see Angela with her brother and sister hanging out with their Dad. I thought I would feel a little out of place, being the one person not in the family, but I am fitting in just great and it helps that I have met everyone except Mavra and Christos in the past and we have all hung out before. After Savvas and Mavra went home Christos went to bed and the gals and George stayed up chatting. Angela then decided to go to sleep, George went home and Christina and I brought up the rear and stayed up until about 12:30-1 AM. With almost no sleep and lots of beer, it was pretty funny. I slept so good. Read about one page of my book and passed out until 11 AM today.
When I got up Christina was up, Christos (it's his Birthday today) was out running errands and the others were sleeping still. Low and behold Angela and Frankie slept until almost 2 PM! Good for them, I think after tonight we will all be caught up with sleep. I know I could use some more but don't want to miss anything, eventhough I missed siesta today and ran errands, but it was fun! I saw downtown Patras with Christina - we drove Savvas and Mavra home (they came by this morning for a couple hours). It was nice to see the city and the old fortress. Believe it or not, the city reminded me of places in Vietnam, the building style, the narrow streets and don't get me started on the rules of the road here, because there arent any. Frankie spent the afternoon riding his new bike - motorbike thing that you push a button and it drives itself - how on earth does he know how to steer it without ever having riden one before? Must be a boy thing. Most of today has been spent lounging on the veranda, it is HOT!

As I write it is about 8 PM and we are getting ready to have a BBQ for dinner, Christos' Mom came over and brought him a beautiful Birthday cake that we will have later. Perhaps George will come over later as well when he is done with work - we will see. Angela is getting Frankie ready for bed, he had a busy afternoon riding his bike, feeding the chickens (behind the house) and running around the front yard kicking the ball. We are trying to get him back on a schedule starting with bed tonight on time.

Anyway, I am giving a complete run down in case Ang can't update her blog as much because I know Brian is reading and maybe others who want to know the play by play.

Brian, I have to tell you that I installed the car seat with Angela today and you would be proud, I cranked that thing so tight in there (not as tight as you do, I am sure) but we did a good job! Had to let you know, I think it would pass your inspection.

Tomorrow the beach, I think, depends on how late we all sleep again. Today all we got up too late but needed the sleep. I think next weekend we are going to one of the islands Zakinthos (I spelled it like it sounds).

OK, going back to sit at the table on the veranda, I love that everything happens outside here! I am in for a rude awakening when I get home and have no where to sit outside at my place.
Christina is the best hostess ever, I love her to pieces!

Until next time...

PS - for those of you who want photos, I can't post them. I need the CD to my camera in order for this computer to load the driver, I tried the drivers on the computer and Canon is not listed, neither is Sony (Angela's camera). Poo! UPDATE - problem solved - the USB port we were tryig was not working, Christos is the MASTER.

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B said...

Thanks Mkat! You are the best!

Last week Frankie and I spend 2 days practicing steering and pedaling on his trike. Glad it's working out!

If you go to the Cannon website you should be able to download the drivers for your camera there. When you leave go into add/ remove programs from the computer control panel and delete the software from their computer.

I love your blog! Thanks for helping with the car seat!



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